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The advancement of computer technology, particularly in web applications, has had a tremendous impact on consumer communication and behavior. The intensified interactivity among consumers and between consumers and businesses via the web is typically referred to as the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Current Highlight: SNS Marketing

One particular aspect of social media, social network service websites (SNS), is currently increasing in importance as a marketing tool for many businesses.

SNS offer a tremendous opportunity for every day users to voice opinions and to create and share content on just about any thing. SNS presents a unique channel for marketers to reach potential customers while interacting with their peers.

Understanding SNS, its impact, and how to most effectively leverage it for marketing is currently a point of frustration for many marketers.

Unlike most firms offering social media consulting, Anderson Analytics expertise in this area is based on real data. The first company to leverage text mining for ad-hoc market research, Anderson Analytics is also the only company which has conducted and published findings on major online communities including major SNS (LinkedIn).

Combining a variety of advanced and proprietary analytical techniques such as text mining and psychological content analysis with the company’s expertise and experience in SNS, Anderson Analytics can offer our clients SNS services from strategic marketing consulting and research insights to tactical tools such as SNS Widgets/Applications.

While it is not uncommon for marketers to view SNS Marketing as an area of concern and even frustration, many marketers understand that a competitive advantage can be gained by effectively engaging with customers on the medium before the competition.

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“Understanding the needs of your customers as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is paramount for building brands that people love. Thus, I believe that the mining of customer comments on the web will become a cornerstone for future innovation and the detection of competitive threats.”

Isaac Collazo, Vice President
Performance Strategy & Planning InterContinental Hotels Group


“I strongly believe that the travel industry can not only learn by listening to their customers in real-time, but that by being active where the customers are on the Internet, they can create a unique generation of loyal, repeat customers… Customer service these days is where the customer is, not where you are”

Randy Petersen CEO WebFlyer.com


“It is crucial for us to get an understanding of how our most loyal customers think and what they value most in their travel experience… any data that helps us meet our loyal customers and attend to needs of future customers is worth its weight in gold.”

Robin Korman, VP Starwood’s Loyalty Marketing Program


“Text Analytics is a new methodology for us and we were very pleased with the results and the depth of insight. The results were helpful beyond understanding reactions to our campaign. We also gained an understanding of what motivates people on discussion boards, which issues are most important to women in our target group, and how to create better products and messaging for them. We’ve been thinking about other ways to utilize this technology which would allow us to not only continue to listen to and understand our consumers, but to create a more real time 2-way communication.”

Catherine Cardoso, Associate Insights Manager, Unilever